“Walking” on water that descends the streams: a new challenge

Canyoning is a part water, part mountain sport that consists of following a descent on the small mountain streams, which are often enclosed between high, rocky walls, and overcoming obstacles on your way using specific techniques: small waterfalls, “the giants' containers” dug by the water into the rock, chutes (natural slides created by erosion) and jumps.

Sporting activities practiced using a diving suit, helmet and harness and with the assistance of a professional, mountain guide who accesses the best route to follow and teaches the best techniques to proceed in absolute calm. Diving into an emerald green water well or descending a foaming waterfall are truly emotional experiences, which enable close contact with nature and the exploration of uncontaminated areas.

Aosta Valley offers different itineraries for this activity and despite the fact no particular training or mountaineering skills are required, we recommend you consult the mountain professionals.

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Guidemonterosa s.r.l.

Alpine guides  -  Gressoney-La-Trinité

Guidemonterosa s.r.l. was set up in 1995 by a number of local Alpine Guides, who believed in the potential for development of winter mountain tourism in their area.
The activities practiced durin…

"Sirdar Montagne et Aventure" association

Alpine guides  -  La Salle

More information here
Main areas of operation: Mont Blanc, Mont Rose, Grand Paradis, Matterhorn areas
Spoken languages: Italian, French, English

Rutor La Thuile Alpine guides association

Alpine guides  -  La Thuile

The “Rutor-La Thuile” Alpine guides association offers:

During the winter season:
heliski, off-piste skiing areas with ski-lift, Vallée Blanche, high-mountain skiing on the main Aosta Valley…


Valgrisenche alpine guides association

Alpine guides  -  Valgrisenche

There is an old saying that at Valgrisenche you could neither go by sea nor land but only by rocks and stones …
Today you can go by helicopter, because Valgrisenche is one of the few ridges i…

Valpelline Alpine guides association

Alpine guides  -  Valpelline

The Gran San Bernardo, Ollomont and Valpelline valleys, in the middle of the one of the most important mountain ranges in Europe, offers a fairy-tale winter, with no over-crowding. A week of skiin…

Gran Paradiso Alpine guides association

Alpine guides  -  Valsavarenche

Val di Rhêmes and Valsavarenche: two appealing, romantic valleys in the Gran Paradiso National Park, where you can still enjoy a calm, restful, quiet holiday.
From Valsavarenche you can go up t…


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