Di Barrò Winery

The Cantina Di Barrò by Rini Elvira Stefania is a family-run wine grower whose production is around 18.000 – 20.000 bottles per year. The company, which celebrated its twentieth anniversary in 2019, has been managing the entire supply chain independently and for three generations: from planting the vineyards to marketing the wine.
The name of the company Di Barrò in the local dialect literally means ‘from barrels/of the barrels’ and refers to wooden barrels with a characteristic shape, belonging to the Valle d’ Aosta tradition which were used in the past to take the grapes squeezed by hand directly in the vineyard to the winery, as well as for the transportation of the wine for sale. Furthermore, the word barrò also summarizes the origins of the company because it is an acronym of the first letters of the surnames BARmaz and ROssan, former owners and in-laws of the current owner who, in the 1960s, continued the cultivation of the family vineyards and were among the first to boast the certification of Denomination of Controlled Origin Valle d’Aosta Torrette.
Since 2004 the company has been based in Château Feuillet, in the municipality of Saint-Pierre, and the vineyards extend for about three hectares mainly in Saint-Pierre, but also in the neighboring municipalities of Villeneuve, Sarre and Aymavilles. There is quite a wide range of wines produced, despite the size of the company.

The products
White DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) wines: Chardonnay Vda (Valle d’Aosta) DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin), Petite Arvine Vda DOC, Pinot Gris Vda DOC
Red DOP wines: Petit Rouge Vda DOC, Torrette Vda DOC, Torrette Supérieur Vda DOC, Torrette Supérieur OSTRO Vda DOC, Fumin Vda DOC, Mayolet Vda DOC, Syrah Vda DOC
Other wines: Lo Flapì (wine from overripe grapes), Mirliflor (Classic Method Spumante)

There is a sales point at the company - opening times to be arranged by phone or by email.

The visit
The family-run business allows you to visit both the winery and the vineyards, with the possibility of tasting and buying wines during the visit.
In addition to the wines, the tastings also include typical products of the Aosta Valley.
Tasting cost per person: 3 wines and typical products 10 €; 5 wines and typical products 15 €.
The company can be visited all year round. A reservation in advance is required and can be made by phone or email.
Number of visitors required for a visit: max 15-20 people.
Languages spoken: Italian, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

How to get there
A5 Turin-Courmayeur motorway, Aymavilles / Saint-Pierre exit. Take the Statale (State Highway) 26 towards Courmayeur up to km 111; as soon as you pass the petrol station, turn right and leave the “Strada Statale”, and then turn immediately left (road sign: Château Feuillet); skirting a wall for a few tens of meters you will come to a gate, which is always open, and which leads to a slightly uphill dirt path; after about 150 meters on the right is the Di BarròWinery.


Cantina "Di Barrò" di Rini Elvira Stefania in Barmaz
Loc. Château Feuillet, 8
  • Telephone:
    (+39) 348 5505985

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